The Best Parts of Fall

In honor of the official start of Fall later this week, I want to dedicate this website to all of the best parts of this season.

Winnie the Pooh throwing leaves, saying, 'It's the first day of Autumn!'


Virginia summers get very hot and humid, so I always get excited to have cool temperatures again at the start of Fall. I love getting to wear sweaters and sweatshirts again, and being more comfortable outside when walking to classes. I personally prefer crisp Autumn air to most other types of weather, so I am excited for it to return.

Fall is also especially beautiful because of the changing leaves. I really enjoy being on campus during Autumn, as all the trees along Campus Walk change color and bring out the natural beauty of campus.

Winding road surrounded by Autumnal tree leaves


As soon as the weather starts to cool down, I immediately get excited for Halloween. Halloween kicks off the rest of the holiday season, which is always one of the best parts of the year. There's always lots of sweet treats around Halloween, such as pumpkin spice drinks and pastries, apple cider, and of course candy. My favorite part of Halloween, however, is watching old Disney Channel Halloween movies, like:

Growing up, my sisters and I would rewatch these movies repeatedly every year, so I have continued this tradition with friends and it is something that I look forward to every year.

A witch rolling her eyes and saying, 'Oh look, another glorious morning'
Cats stirring a potion
A young girl saying, 'Halloween is cool'


A lot of my best memories happened in the Fall, so this time of year always feels very nostalgic. From jumping in piles of leaves, to going through corn mazes, to carving pumpkins, there are many fun things to do during this season.

The overall "vibes" of fall always just feel so familiar and safe. Light and colors feel warm and welcoming this time of year, and everything has the same sort of comfort as sitting by a bonfire.

People sitting around a bonfire